April 20, 2007

Screen Capture Software

Tom shared Snag It and Camtasia - both run on Windows. Snag It comes bundled with Camtasia. Snag It is a screen capture utility that takes still images of the screen. It is much more advanced than the print screen feature. Snag It will allow capturing scrolling windows, specific windows, and partial screen shots.

Camtasia is a full featured screen capture video program. It allows you to capture a movie of your screen allowing you to add features that will allow you to create a colored bubble that follow your mouse movements and much more. Camtasia also has a full featured editing program that allows after capture editing features. You can edit out dead space or errors, rearrange clips, add titles, call outs, voice overs, and much more. Camtasia allows the final movie to be saved as QuickTime, AVI, Flash, and more.

Tom uses these tools to create professional development peices for his schools. This saves him a ton of time because he just has to say it once and record it and then point his teachers to the resource.

Adobe Captivate is another type of screen capture software that Tom shared. Captivate takes screen shots and then animates them into an animated movie. This still allows easy creation of screen capture tutorials but keeps the file size down very long. Captivate also allows you to create hyperlinked or branching tutorials that don't have to be watched in a linear fashion but instead becoms a hyper presentation with the order controlled by the viewer.

Additional Options that were shared by others
Cam Studio (FREE Win/Mac)

Wink (FREE for Windows)

Long list of additional Screen Capture links

SmartBoard Software (Win/Mac)

Tammy shared SnapzPro. It is for Mac only. It is a very robust capture program with for both still images and screen videos and has many options for capturing but doesn't have editing features. To edit you would need to use iMovie or some other editing software.

Dean shared Discovery Education Science Connection - You can purchase this independently from United Streaming but it could be added to your US subscription too. The content is geared to prepare students for the science assessments.

Interactive Excel and PowerPoint Demo - Tammy
If you want a copy of the instructions you need to get them from Tammy. Since these activities are designed to be in her new book, I didn't want to post this to the web.

Afternoon Sharing:

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