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Rationale for using Blogs & Wikis**
  • Motivates , engages students
  • Allows for more think time - higher level thinking
  • Reinforces 21st Century skills - wave of future
  • Levels the playing field - allows for autonomy - overcome shyness
  • Lots of FREE resources
  • Can accommodate ANY content area - allows for integration of multiple standards & skills
  • Wikis & Blogs are the NEW "supplemental resources"
  • Real audience - reaches others outside the four walls
  • Collaborate with others around the world - different cultures, demographics, etc.
  • Meaningful reading / writing - students have REAL audience - students are published authors
  • Aligned with brain research
  • Allows for learning to continue outside of class time
  • Provides great professional development opportunities
  • Helps students understand perspective
  • Good PR for school and education in general
  • Students are CREATORS of their information, not just ABSORBERS
  • Cost effective
  • Allows parents / others to see what is going on in clasroom

Ideas for Wikis & Blogs (provided by Judy Beam)