Morning agenda:

Rosemary & Mary / iPods in education
Apple's iPods in Education site
Learning in Hand's iPods in Education site
Mary's Portal - links to iPod resources
10 Ways to Make Your iPod a Better Learning Gadget

Cost? iTouch $299 8G, $399 16G / 80g video $249
Can you track IP addresses on the iTouch? not sure

Make sure iPods come with mikes
Have elem teachers read books to kids and record themselves
Have teachers record their kids reading as a sort of digital portfolio
Download audio books / both for PD and for kids
Use the notes feature to add documents / etc
Use iPods to create and give quizzes to your kids
Backup computer data on your iPod / teachers need to be doing this! (on 80G video version) The iPod Touch does not have the 'disk enabled' feature so cannot be used as a hard drive.

Tony's conversation:
Extras on iPod Menu:
Notes can . . .
1. show text files (such as a list of adjectives or transition words for kids to use) and these text files can be "hyperlinked" as a "little bitty web page" / this could be used to put a list of documents up that are linked to the documents
2. This also allows kids to create their Choose Your Own Adventure Stories. (Intro chapter than give two or three choices that are hyperlinked that lead to different choices and different endings to their stories) Use iWriter to help you do this
3. Can put photos on the iPod / create flashcards using PowerPoint or Keynote and upload to iPod
4. He also has a tip "calculator" and a "Fraction Stick" using Keynote (PPT) as a way to start thinking about math applications
5. Be sure to go to his web site / the link to his web site's section on iPods is listed above / his home page / be sure to check out his blog and podcast as well

Format iPod for Mac and Windows? / Windows can't "read" Mac iPods so format for Windows FIRST than for Mac (because Macs can read both)

Using RSS on your iPod
iFeedpod for Mac
iPodSync for Windows

Tom shared an example of an Excel document that collected data of apes and then showed how to the data can be displayed in chart format

Sharing Out:
Kansas Public Library
Electoral Compass
Select a Candidate
Turning Point Learning Center Campaign Wiki
International Children's Digital Library
Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary
SciVee TV
Internet Picture Dictionary
Teacher's Domain
ELL Links
Mighty Books
Amble Elementary School site (lots of handy tools on left side)

Afternoon age:
Go to Tonya Witherspoon's Mindscapes